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杜松 Needle Juniper

杜松 Needle Juniper


杜松 Needle Juniper(Bonsai Code: 24F19)


樹高 Tree Height: 11 cm

樹寬 Tree Width: 15 cm

盆闊 Pot Width:  9 cm

盆高 Pot Height: 7 cm


相片攝於 Photo taken on 1/7/2024



1. 每棵小樹都是獨一無二的,僅此一盆哦~

2. 植物是活的,需要陽光、澆水和通風

3. 包裝為環保紙和普通紙袋

4. 植物可以寄送到香港、澳門、台灣及新加坡地區

5. 小店另有生日卡提供。如有需要請留言備註一下喔

6. 可選擇門市取貨, 或額外收費加配 Bonsai Panda 本地上門速遞服務

7. 速遞運送過程皆有可能有葉損,如不能接受可自行前往門市自取


🍀請大家接收貨品後 好好照顧小生命🍀有盆景種植問題可以私訊我們喔!



1. All potted trees are unique~

2. This is a living plants, it requires sunlight, water and ventilation.

3. This will be packed with recycled paper and paper bag.

4. We provide shipping service within domestic Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and Singapore.

5. We offer birthday cards, please leave us a message if you need one.

6. Delivery: Pick-up at store, or add-on for Bonsai Panda local delivery service

7. There might be slight leaf damages during delivery. If concerned please choose pick-up at BPHK store.


🍀Please take good care of the little lives 🍀 Message us anytime when you have any bonsai planting questions!

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